Your site should be fast and secure. Your brand should be well protected. You should have peace of mind.

Confidence in Security

Confidence in Security

No matter the size of your WordPress site, we promise you the confidence of knowing it's secure. It can take years to build a brand and literally minutes to lose it. We are here to protect your brand and your reputation.

Confidence in Security
Our Process

Our Process

After years of witnessing the pain of sites being hacked and information lost, we've crafted a solution for our WordPress clients. We begin with a thorough Search & Rescue setup service followed by an ongoing, reliable Defend & Monitor monthly service.

With our setup service, you get a thorough audit of your site followed by security, performance and usability gains to get you in ship shape. With our monthly service, you get routine updates, optimizations, testing, backups, scans and reports to ensure smooth sailing from here on out.




Search and Rescue

We find your weak spots and patch them up.

Let us discover your issues and get you ship shape and sea worthy. To begin with, we will perform a thorough audit of your web server and site. Once completed, a detailed report of our findings will be sent for your review. With your approval, repairs can get underway and we'll have you back on the water, safe and sound in no time.

What's Included:
Security Safeguards

The most critical aspect to your website's well-being is security. During our audit process, we will identify the security holes that you should be aware of. Those holes can then be patched up and your site will be water-tight and ready for any angry seas ahead. You will be rigged with the best-in-the-industry firewalls, alerts, backups, monitors and hardened services and software.

Performance Gains

How many seconds does your site take to load? If the answer is more than a couple, you need our help. Customers and Search Engines love fast sites and, therefore, so do you. If a site takes too long to load, your customers might abandon ship and your SEO scores could sink. Let us help you fix your bottlenecks and blaze past your competition. Reports with measurable before and after results will be delivered to your inbox.

Usability Enhancements

Let us bring a fresh perspective to your web presence. With valuable insight and first impressions from usability experts, you'll get insider intel on what your customers are likely thinking. Your site will receive thorough testing and reporting on items that could cause frustration to your users and, consequently, frustration to your bottom line. In short, we will help you help your visitors navigate to where you want them to go. And in a much less confusing manner than the previous sentence.





Now that your site is secure, it's time to fight back.

Access denied, ****ers! It's no coincidence that hack is a four-letter word. The best offense is a strong defense. To battle hackers and protect what's yours, we keep your software and server updated and optimized regularly. Staying one step ahead of the enemy and stocking the big guns to blow them out of the water is our defense. Your site will be armed to the teeth to fend off any evil doers.

What's Included:
Routine Updates

Just like your car needs regular oil changes, your server and WordPress site need routine updates to keep them secure and performing well. Since WordPress is a very popular, open-source platform, it's critical to keep it secure and up to date to ensure smooth sailing and to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. Additionally, third-party plugins and themes are constantly pushing out updates to plug holes in their software, and these need to be installed regularly. As updates can often cause issues, we take great care in this process and can quickly restore from backup if needed. Thoroughly testing your site across browsers and devices helps make sure updated software doesn't create updated issues.


While a great deal of optimization happens during our initial setup phase, there is still plenty of housekeeping that needs to be done monthly to keep everything running smoothly. We scrub the database, optimize new images, analyze plugins, and clean up disk space. Before they are cleaned, log files are reviewed to track any potential issues going on behind the scenes when users visit the site. You also benefit from routine speed tests, load tests, broken link scans, and other tools to help you keep a tight ship.

Extensive Testing

It's entirely possible that you don't enjoy the tedious process of constantly testing your website, but we do! It's in our DNA. We love to make sure everything is working perfectly for our clients. Each month your website will undergo extensive testing across all popular web browsers and mobile devices to make sure there are no new issues and no features that have fallen overboard.



Our scanners run 24/7 to keep you afloat.

With our state-of-the-art monitoring system, you can be rest assured that your website is in good hands. Be it server issues, code problems, or hack attempts, our system will ping it and we will get all hands on deck. Should an unavoidable catastrophe strike, our reliable backups are readily available to instantly turn downtime back into uptime.

What's Included:
Scheduled Backups

Always have a plan B. With our dependable backup strategy you can relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safe. Redundancy is key. Our signature, triplicated solution ensures rapid website and data recovery in the event you need an emergency rescue. The backups are safely stored in multiple secure locations. They can be quickly accessed to restore your site to a specific day, week, or month and make it like "it" never happened. Backups are not a set-and-forget task. This is why we regularly monitor and verify them to make sure they will be there when you need them.

Malware & Performance Scans

Keep the bad guys at bay with our around-the-clock scanners. If an attempted breach occurs, our scanners will catch it. Our team will then quickly leap into action to keep you above water and prevent downtime or other serious damage. Along with breaches and malware, our scanners also monitor uptime, WordPress file integrity, and Google reputation. If your site goes down, is modified, or has issues with the "Google Gods", we're on it.

Monthly Reports

Tired of spammers using scare tactics to raise doubt? Get peace of mind and stay in-the-know with our monthly reports shipped straight to your inbox. Our detailed reports will keep you informed on our activities each month and provide you with any recommendations we might have for improvements or repairs. Additionally, these reports will provide you with a snapshot so you can quickly see, at a glance, how your site is performing with regard to security, speed, usability and SEO. Now you can just smile and hit delete when you receive those spam bombs.