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Shine Online With a Custom Website

Brett Jenks is passionate about his business.

“My bottom line is quality of care. Period.” says Jenks, a physical therapist of 11+ years. “It’s about getting my patients better, as quickly as possible.” He opened Back Country Physical Therapy in Sheridan, Wyoming a year ago with the singular goal of giving each patient a compassionate one-on-one experience. “We tell each patient, ‘This is your space to heal.’”

When he came to Litehouse for help with his website design and development, Brett’s enthusiasm was palpable. He had big ideas for his business and its online presence. While researching his competition, Brett found outdated sites, shoddy design and cringe-worthy user experiences.

Most of  Back Country’s patients come through word-of-mouth. “People hear about me and immediately head to my website to see how I can help them,” says Brett. “I didn’t want a boring template site. I provide quality care and needed a quality website to represent that. It’s a direct reflection of my business.”

Brett’s website checklist included the following:

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to navigate
  • Intuitive (“What should I do next?”)
  • Testimonials on the home page
  • Calm and reassuring design

So we got to work.

UI/UX Design


UI/UX Design for custom websites

The user experience (UX) is the most important element of Back Country’s website. We optimized the design for an effective and enjoyable experience. You’ll find plentiful white space and an intuitive flow that keeps people on the page as they search for solutions to their health problems.

Subtle details, such as custom sliders and an interactive Google map, add to the website’s effectiveness without getting in the way.

Website Development

Once the design was in place, we developed “what’s under the hood.” Powerful custom code drives the website and brings the UI (look and design) to life.

We designed and built this site from scratch – with Back Country’s brand and Brett’s feedback at the center of the process. For example, the interactive injury finder is a graphically simple element with many benefits. This gives clients the means to identify their injuries while visually showcasing the services Back Country offers.

custom website development includes injury finder

Back Country’s website is the reflection of an idea turned into reality. “What I love most about my website is that it gets right to it,” remarks Brett. “You don’t have to scroll through a bunch of fluff to see what we’re all about.” Within the first five seconds, website visitors learn about Back Country’s mission and specialties. Patient testimonials, downloadable new patient forms, and answers to frequently asked questions build trust.

Mobile Optimization

Websites Optimized for Mobile

Back Country’s website is fully optimized for a stellar mobile experience. Nothing is lost in the look, feel, design and functionality of the site as it adjusts to various screen sizes.

In today’s world, a responsive, consistent experience across all devices is non-negotiable.


We’re never one to release clients out into the wild once the site design and development is complete. Regular site maintenance, server support and spam protection are part of our ongoing commitment to Back Country’s success.

Are people actually checking out the Back Country website? “Absolutely. Our patients compliment the website’s ease of use every day.” Business is booming and Brett’s days are filled with doing what he loves… helping people become pain free.

What’s it like working with Litehouse?

“The best thing about working with Zack is the feedback he provides,” says Brett. “Instead of phoning it in and doing the bare minimum, he’ll take your ideas, roll around with them and make them better.”



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