Enhance Your Search Engine Placement with Blogging Best Practices

It wasn’t but 10 years ago that a “web log” was seen as a silly online diary. Today, most businesses with a web presence know about blogs and the potential value one could bring via search engine placement and SEO. However, just like most online marketing methods, blogging isn’t as simple as reposting press releases. To obtain the maximum SEO value out of the business blog, consider the following best practices:

Implement Keywords

If you are going to have a business blog, don’t forget the keywords! The blog article has to be readable, of course, but the main purpose of the article is to further enhance the content on your website to increase your search engine placement.

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A Web Presence Works For Small Businesses

Millions of people use the Internet every day to gather information, network and shop. A strong web presence will attract these potential customers, literally putting a website to work for your small business.

The Marketplace is Changing

Customers today are turning to the web rather than the yellow pages to find the services and products they desire. The population is growing increasingly Internet savvy and over three-quarters of U.S. households now have broadband (high-speed) Internet. This number is rising fast.

It’s easier for customers to let their fingers do the walking on a keyboard rather than thumbing through a heavy book of listings. It’s quicker to let a search engine do their work for them, then seeking frustratingly through a myriad of often-confusing headings found in the yellow pages.

People expect to be able to find what they need on the Internet. Websites optimized for search engines will be the ones that get noticed.
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