Website Redesign for Timm Family Dentistry

Is It Time for a Website Redesign?

Given that the average lifespan for a well-designed website is 4-7 years, you may have some looming anxiety about your web presence.  If you’re embarrassed to direct a potential client to your site, or to one that doesn’t accurately tell the story of your business, it’s probably time to redesign your website.

Case in Point: Website Redesign for Timm Family Dentistry

The Timm Family Dentistry website had experienced very few updates since it was created in 2006.  For perspective, 2006 saw the first tweet ever sent out into the world, Facebook opened to the public, and Microsoft launched the now defunct Zune. Dang, we’ve come a long way since then!

“We worried that potential clients could think, ‘Wow. They are really outdated. I wonder if that’s how their service is, too.’” ~ Timm Family Dentistry

When we discussed updating/redesigning their website, Timm Family Dentistry told us, “We’re worried that potential clients could think, ‘Wow. They are really outdated. I wonder if that’s how their service is, too.’” It’s a well-known truth that first impressions matter. A report from Stanford University reveals that 75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on the appearance of its website. You only have about four seconds to make an impression before a website visitor hits the back button.

outdated website example
Old website for Timm Family Dentistry: Note the color-blocked side margins and the templated text boxes of their old site. The flow is clunky and the white text on the blue background disorients the eye.

Your website is the face of your business. What message does it tell the world?

Timm Family Dentistry knew they wanted their website to have a contemporary look and mobile responsiveness. They also wanted to communicate a vibe of trust and quality of care.  So we got to work improving their online presence and showing the local Bend, Oregon community that this family of dentists is modern, friendly, and trustworthy.

A Custom WordPress Theme

We chose a layout with plenty of white space. Empty space is not always wasted space. When people scan website content, they are often distracted by busy layouts and complicated designs. Think of white space as breathing room. The breaks allow people to process the info they just read.


Redesigned Website for Timm Family Dentistry

Modern Elements

We modernized the site by including images and icons that capture the vibe of Central Oregon. Pulling the brown and blue out of the logo and using the colors throughout the website created a cohesive look. Because there is often trepidation surrounding dentist visits, we wanted a sense of calm to resonate throughout the site. Adding a slider of patient testimonials creates trust.

Mobile Responsive Design

One of the top priorities for Timm Family Dentistry was to create a mobile responsive site. Studies suggest that over 60% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Responsive websites perform better in Google search rankings because they provide a better user experience. We coded the website to respond beautifully on all cell phones and tablets.



Mobile Responsive Design


More than simply an enjoyable scrolling experience, the website also needed to provide visitors with an element of convenience. We included an easy-to-find tab for booking appointments online. We also dedicated a page to downloadable patient forms to reduce appointment day wait times.

When it comes to website design, the user experience should always be at the forefront of every decision. Ultimately, your website isn’t about you. It’s about your clients and customers. The layout and creative elements should be thoughtful. The flow should be intuitive. Details matter and when you pay attention to them, you show your crowd that you understand their journey.

Is It Time for a Website Redesign?

Take a moment to write down the three most important things you want your website to do. Is it currently doing those things? No? Then it’s time for a change. We are happy to review your current website and offer suggestions for how a redesign can captivate your crowd and grow your business. You can contact us here. 



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