Custom Applications for business

How a Custom App Can Make Your Business Better

When you hear the word “app,” what comes to mind? Games you and your kids download to iPhones?  One-click shopping for the best ice cube tray in the world? 

So, what is an app? 

Short for “application,”an app is software written to perform a specific function or set of functions on your computer or mobile device. Simply put, it is a tool to help your business function better.

An increasing number of businesses are using apps to differentiate and grow. Designed for both web and mobile, apps can be beneficial for any type of activity: booking systems, recording data, file uploads, coupons, newsletters, digital magazines, product or service support, videos, and entertainment. The possibilities are endless.

When Clark County Fire District came to us with an idea for a scheduling app, we were on board. After listening to their needs and taking stock of their current systems, we went to work creating the Firework Scheduling App. It allows both Clark County and its employees to track scheduling and payroll, resulting in time and money saved.

How can a custom app help your business?

Custom Apps for Business

Optimize Internal Processes

A custom app can streamline your procedures and improve existing workflows. Need to track an order from beginning to end? Or record customer data during your sales call? An app can help with that. Clark County Fire District used individual Excel spreadsheets to track schedules, timecards and schedule change request forms. It was a clunky system, at best. We designed their app to merge all important data into one place that can be accessed from anywhere.

Integrate With Other Platforms

A custom app for your business can seamlessly integrate your processes with the platforms your business uses. For Clark County, reconciliation of time cards and schedule changes is easier because the app links all the things together and auto-populates to their payroll software.

Efficiently Organize and Show Data… from Anywhere

Custom apps provide a distinct advantage over your competition: they allow users to step away from their desks and homes and rely on your app to provide what they need. Employees are able to work remotely, which leads to a boost in productivity. (The web-based Fire District Scheduling app makes it easy for everyone to use, whether on or off-duty.) 

Create an Impactful Experience

A well-designed, intuitive app provides serious marketing muscle. From simplifying online purchases to providing handy info, you’ve now created a go-to solution for your customers or employees. Happy people are loyal people.

Get Exactly What You Want

Cookie cutter biz apps are not an ideal fit for most businesses, as they use the lowest common denominator across users and their expectations. What works for Stereo Knobs ‘R Us will be different than what works for you. Custom apps are precisely tailored to a business’s needs. That’s the power of customization.


Initial Mock-Up of Custom Business App
Initial Mock-Up of Custom Business App for Clark County Fire District.

You have unique knowledge about the past, present and future of your company. A custom app can be shaped to your exact specifications. “We do need this. We don’t need that. Let’s consider this when we begin Phase II.” The result? You end up with a high quality app that’s easy to use (and not bloated with unwanted features). It’s the perfect fit.

Users expect apps to be intuitive and easy to use, so it’s important to detail every aspect of your app down to the smallest brass tacks. Gather input from potential users, including your employees, for the best possible experience.

Christi Linn, a senior specialist at Clark County Fire District, offers the following advice about custom apps:

“Take the time to think through all processes and what your needs are. Determine your ‘must haves’ and then prioritize your other needs and ‘wish list’ items.

An experienced developer like Litehouse Tech is your meal ticket to creating an efficient, polished, stand-out-in-a-sea-of-sameness app. Unlike DIY “custom” app solutions, having a tech partner in your corner means you receive ongoing maintenance and support. Together you can tweak and customize the app as your business grows and changes.

Christi continues, “Zack [at Litehouse Tech] was very responsive with support and willing to work with us to get exactly what we needed within our budget restraints. Plus, he is extremely patient with ‘non-techy’ people.”

Clark County Fire District Custom App
Clark County Fire District Custom Application.

Contact us today to see how a custom app can help your business grow. Even if you only have the bare bones of an idea, we’ll figure out how to make it a reality.



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