How Google Helps Power Oregon’s Economy

Google has a huge digital presence online, but few stop to consider the physical presence. Here in Oregon, Google has created quite a footprint in the Dalles region. They recently opened up a 164,000 square-foot, two-story data center to join their other two server farm facilities next door. Read More How Google Helps Power Oregon’s Economy


Mobile Search Surpasses PC

The number of searches on mobile devices has now surpassed overall desktop and laptop search queries. Google recently announced this important milestone at their digital advertising conference held on Tuesday, May 5. Brands that can recognize the significance of this shift and adapt to its transformative implications will be better equipped to serve the needs of the modern market.
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Is Your Brand Ready for Mobile?

Few inventions have revolutionized the way people talk and do business like the smartphone. Since gaining popularity with the iPhone’s debut in 2007, smartphones have transformed from niche tech gadgets to veritable necessities.

New advances in usability and sophistication have caused smartphone ownership to grow to over 60 percent of the population and climbing. Sales estimates totaled in the billions globally this past year alone — with North America accounting for 117.6 million units.

This surging popularity results in people using their mobile devices to shop online at an increasing rate. To make sure your brand is capitalizing on this market, here are some important questions to consider: Read More Is Your Brand Ready for Mobile?